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Eco Ride @ Banni Khera Farms !

Green Campaign - Ride for cause ! Arrival at Banni Khera Farms On a misty winter morning a group of 100 bikers the Road Runner club invaded Banni Khera Farms to attend the ‘Plant a Tree’ event organised by Banni Khera in conjunction with Flashpacking INDIA! , TISTP (The International Society of Travel and Photography) & Citizen Artists. The group arrived at around 10:00am and were welcome with steaming hot masala chai and snacks. After chai the group were briefed by the man behind the Green vision Kr.K.V.Singh who was elaborately turned out in his traditional Rajputana dress.

Planting Trees

Armed with saplings and trowels the bikers set about the days mission of planting 100 trees around the village. Directed by Banni Khera owner Thakur J. P. Singh, the group of burly bikers then rode into the village, beginning by planting trees at the local village community centre , along village streets and at the farm, causing much interest from the locals and frightening a few of the village dogs, unused to seeing so many vehicles on the usually quite streets of Samar Gopalpur, Haryana. It was clear afterwards from the looks on their faces that the bikers were proud of what they had achieved.

Visit to Local Jaggery Refinery

Once all of the saplings had been planted the gang were treated to a visit to the local Jaggery refinery where they were offered freshly brewed sugar cane juice as well as being able to chew on sugar cane from the nearby fields. The visit provided bikers with a chance to learn about the refining process and the lives of those involved in the trade as well as providing a new source of income for local villagers.


The bikers, there appetite wetted by the sugar, rode back to Banni Khera Farms and where village women under instruction from the wife of the owner, Kunwarani Usha Singh, had prepared for them a large feast of traditional Haryanvi cuisine, which the bikers seemed to enjoy thoroughly. There was much socialising over lunch with the organisers and bikers able to interact and learn about each others organisations. A quiz to raise awareness about the environment had been organised for the village children and was well attended and received. There was also an opportunity for all to join Citizen Artist’s members in painting a 16’ mural to support the empowerment of women in India.

Awards Ceremony

The event culminated in speeches by the organisers and various awards handed out to the bikers in categories such as 'Best Jacket’ and 'Dirtiest Look’, all to raucous applause from those involved. Finally the bikers left to ride back to Delhi with a new understanding and appreciation for village life, and knowing that they had helped to benefit the local community which they had been able to enjoy.

All in all it was an extremely successful event, well planned and executed, providing an entertaining, interactive, experience for the bikers and making a real difference for the village and the local people.

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